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Top 10 Expensive Whiskey In India | India’s Most Expensive Whiskey

Top 10 Expensive Whiskey In India: Dewars 18 is the most expensive whiskey in India that is tasted and liked most by the drinkers. The Indian population has begun to appreciate premium Whiskey following the introduction of Whiskey tasting as a recreational activity in India and the significant improvement in the quality of this beautiful spirit. Whiskey is unquestionably one of India’s most popular alcoholic beverages. We enjoy it neat, on the rocks, in a mixer, or even with a monstrous can of Coca-Cola. Expensive Whiskey in India is increasingly finding new and eager customers, so international brands are no longer out of reach.

Top 10 Expensive Whiskey In India

In India, foreign and expensive whiskey companies are satiating the palates of devoted whisky connoisseurs with their superb spirits. Whisky is a highly controlled spirit that comes in a variety of groupings and styles. Traditional cohesive aspects of the various groups and classes include grain brewing, diffusion, and processing in wooden boxes. If you’re a pro and have tried whisky texture before, you can go ahead and sip it right away. We have shortlisted India’s best and most expensive whisky brands, which have changed whisky consumption and reshaped the expectations of Indian consumers who are learning to enjoy a genuinely life-changing glass of Whisky. Here is our list of the top 10 expensive whiskey in India.

No 1. Dewars 18

Dewar’s 18 is a smooth, easy-to-sip whisky that’s perfect for when you’re in the mood for something special. Dewar’s legendary 18-year-old drink is an outstanding blended scotch with a creamy taste and a mild smokiness that seems to roll off the tongue, making it one of the top-rated whiskies in India. It received a gold medal at the 2012 International Wine & Spirits Competition, which explains why it consistently ranks at the top of most lists of India’s best whisky brands. Dewars 18 costs Rs 8500 for a 750 ml drink.

No 2. Black Dog Reserve

Black Dog Reserve is an old and uncommon beverage with an extraordinarily smooth blend of malt and grain whiskies from Scotland, and it has a brilliant reputation and a remarkable taste. The amber liquid has a lovely aroma of matured wood and a strong rich malt flavor with a hint of sherry sweetness. When you choose Black Dog Reserve as your poison, you’ll get a bouquet of Scottish flavors in a bottle. Black Dog Reserve is 18 years old whiskey brand that costs Rs 7800 for 750 ml of Drink.

No 3. Glenkinchie 12

Glenkinchie is a 12-year-old whiskey that is a well-known name in the single malt scotch whisky category, with flavors of delicious cereal, green apple, lemon, and sweet honey. If you favor lighter spirits, this is one of the smoothest whiskies you’ll find. This elegant single malt, distilled in Scotland’s lowlands, makes for a great pre-dinner glass. Glenkinchie 12 costs Rs 6780 for 750 ml of drink.

No 4. Glenmorangie

Glenmorangie is a fantastic single malt scotch whisky from the Glenmorangie Highland distillery in North Scotland, and it’s a great value. It is a ten-year-old whiskey brand in India. It’s a mature spirit that’s gentle, mellow, and incredibly creamy to taste, capable of satisfying even the most discerning whisky connoisseurs. The medium-bodied whisky has delightful spice flavors and is clean and well-balanced. At this price, it is an undisputed must-have among India’s top ten whisky brands. The price of Glenmorangie whiskey is Rs 6,577 for 750 ml.

No 5. Glenfiddich 12

This is an excellent single malt scotch whisky with quite a good reputation, having been aged for a dozen years in new oak barrels produced from either Spanish or American wood. Glenfiddich 12-year-old is enormously smooth, with a pleasantly sweet and fruity aroma. It is not only one of the most popular whisky brands in India, but also a best-selling name all over the world. This is one of those traditional whisky brands that you’ll see the unmistakable green bottle of in almost every bar you enter. The cost of Glenfiddich for a 750 ml drink is Rs 5,860.

No 6. The Glenlivet

The Glenlivet 12-year-old whiskey in India has a gentle, smooth blend of sweet summer fruits and fresh floral notes, making it the best-selling single malt whisky in the United States and probably one of the most well-known whisky brands in India. This is one of the most well-known single malt whiskeys in the world, and the Glenlivet distillery is famed for being the first officially licensed whisky distillery in Scotland, and therefore, the beginning of it all. As you taste one of the top whisky brands in India and the world, the delightful flavors of wood, apple juice, vanilla, and honey will envelop your senses. The cost of Glenlivet in India for 750 ml of the drink is Rs 5,656.

No 7. Ballantine’s 12

Ballentine’s is a rich, complex, yet smooth-tasting whisky made from cherry-picked single malt and grain whiskies that have been matured for 12 years. This famous whisky comes in a typical square bottle and is defined by toffee, honey, and creamy aromas. The lovely aroma of honey, oak, and pleasant vanilla greet your nose when you take a sniff of what we’d easily characterize as one of India’s most premium and best-blended whiskies. The price of Ballantine’s 12 is Rs 5,650 for 750 ml.

No 8. Talisker 10

Talisker 10 has a sweet and peaty tongue with traces of rocky flavors after being matured in American oak casks that formerly held port. Due to its intricate scents and nuanced characteristics, as well as the warming, lemony, and peppery finish, it’s a sophisticated whisky that usually ranks among India’s greatest whisky brands. It’s one of those highly regarded single malt whiskey that any whisky connoisseur must sample! This brand of Whiskey is 10 years old and costs Rs 5,610 for 750 ml of drink.

No 9. Jack Daniel’s Old No 7

Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky is one of the most well-known whiskies in both the alcohol and pop culture worlds, and one sip of this sweet and smooth whisky will show you why. As an ode to its quality and distinct taste, rich with butterscotch notes and a long toasted oak finish, the legendary whisky brand has been awarded roughly 7 gold awards. 750 ml of Jack Daniel No 7 costs Rs 4,590 in India.

No 10. Jim Beam Bourbon Black-Rs. 4,323 for 750 ml.

The fact that Jim Beam Black is the world’s No. 1 bourbon speaks volumes about why it deserves a place on this list of India’s greatest whisky brands. This extra-aged bourbon has a refined taste of caramel, vanilla, and maize, and a full-bodied flavor with sophisticated traces of toasty oaky aromas. Jim Beam Bourbon Black costs Rs 4,323 for 750 ml of drink.


Which Whisky brand is best in India?

Jim Beam Bourbon Black is the best whiskey brand in India.

Which Whisky is Costly?

Dewars 18 is the costly whiskey in India.

Which is the most expensive whiskey?

Black Dog Reserve is the most expensive whiskey.

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