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Top 10 Don In UP | Most Wanted Gangsters of UP 2021

Top 10 Don In UP: Amit Bhura attains the number 1 position in the top 10 don in UP, as he is the most notorious gangster that the state has ever seen having started his criminal career with a robbery involvement. The state of Uttar Pradesh is no stranger to gangsters and criminals. The state has also seen some of the worst crimes in the nation. Most of these notorious gangsters have turned to politics to save themselves from the charges against them.

Top 10 Don In UP

During the 1970s and 1980s, these mafia groups fought with each other which led to numerous deaths and fatalities. The reason for these fights was to assert dominance over coal mining projects, metal scrapping contracts, railway construction contracts, and PWD tenders. These led to the formation and rise of various gangs that terrorized the state of UP. Many powerful and ruthless gangsters emerged during this time. They got famous by the names of Dons are hereby we have them for your information in our list of the top dons in UP.

No 1. Amit Bhura

A very famous don in UP, Amit Malik is popularly known as ‘Amit Bhura’ in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. Amit Bhura’s criminal career started when he was jailed for involvement in a robbery along with some of his friends while in high school. After Amit Bhura was released from jail in 2002, he went ahead and murdered the person who filed the case of robbery against him.

Amit Bhura quickly became notorious after he murdered 3 other people who were his rival Dharmendrar’s, close relatives. Amit Bhura is known by this name due to his fair complexion, brown-tinted hair, and well-built physique.


  • Amit Bhura, son of Yashpal Malik was born as Amit Malik in the city of Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Amit Bhura is most popular for car and toll theft.
  • Not much is known about Amit Bhura’s family but it is claimed that Amit has many girlfriends and is a known womanizer.

No 2. Sunil Rathee

Sunil Rathee is one of the most notorious gangsters in the whole of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Sunil Rathee has over 40 recorded cases against him. Sunil Rathee allegedly killed a kingpin named Munna Bajrangi while both were in the same jail. Sunil Rathee is one of the most feared people in the whole of western UP.

While Sunil Rathee was on parole in 2016, he was greeted by a crowd of his fans outside his house. Sunil Rathee runs extortion gangs and has murdered several people.


  • Sunil Rathee was born in Varanasi, UP on 6th May 1978.
  • Sunil Rathee, the popular Don in UP, entered the world of crime after his father’s death.
  • Sunil Rathee’s mother Rajbala Rathee is a well-known politician from the Bahujan Samaj Party.
  • It is alleged that Sunil Rathee is married to a woman and they both have a child details of both are unknown.

No 3. Mukhtar Ansari

The best don in UP, Mukhtar Ansari comes from a family of great personalities. Mukhtar Ansari was elected as MLA from Mau a total of five times. Mukhtar Ansari was a member of the Makhanu Singh gang which was active in western UP during the 1980s.

The gang had clashes with other gangs for dominance over contracts for coal mining, railway construction, scrap disposal, and other public work. In 1995, Mukhtar Ansari entered politics through the student union and became an MLA in 1996.


  • Mukhtar Ansari was born in Yusufpur, UP on 30th June, 1963 to parents Subhanullah and Rabia Ansari.
  • Mukhtar Ansari is married to Afsa Ansari and has two sons Abbas and Umar Ansari.
  • Mukhtar Ansari is the grandson of Indian National Congress President Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari.

No 4. Sunder Bhati

From our list of the top 10 don in UP, Sunder Bhati is another notorious gangster in the UP and NCR region. Sunder Bhati along with gangster Naresh Bhati terrorized the NCR and western UP for a long time. Sunder Bhati is the most feared current don of UP 2021. Sunder Bhati entered the criminal world after murdering a man in 1993.

Since then, Sunder Bhati along with Naresh Bhati organized several extortions and murders across NCR and UP. Later due to some differences, the gang fell apart and Sunder and Naresh turned into bitter rivals. This rivalry ended in Naresh Bhati being killed by Sunder Bhati. Sunder Bhati was arrested in the year 2014.


  • Sunder Bhati was born in the small village of Ghangola, Haryana.
  • Not much is known about Sunder Bhati’s family and personal details.
  • Sunder Bhati is currently jailed for his crimes.

No 5. Brijesh Singh

Brijesh Singh is an MLA of Bhartiya Janta Party and represents the Deoband constituency. Brijesh Singh is a famous gangster turned politician who lands at the fifth spot in our UP don list. Brijesh Singh was also involved with the Mumbai mafia for some time. Brijesh Singh became feared after he killed 5 people who had murdered his father in a political rivalry in 1984.


  • Brijesh Singh was born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh on 9th November 1964.
  • Brijesh Singh’s father Ravindranath Singh was a respected man and a politician.
  • Brijesh Singh, among the top 10 don in UP, is married to BSP MLC Annapurna Singh and has a daughter names Priyanka.

No 6. Dhananjay Singh

Dhananjay Singh is another gangster turned politician who terrorized the state of UP. Dhananjay Singh studied at Lucknow University and gained popularity among the student unions. That’s when he entered the criminal underworld. Dhananjay Singh has also won several elections. Dhananjay Singh was mainly involved in murders, extortions, and political conspiracies.


  • Dhananjay Singh was born in Kolkata, West Bengal on 16th July 1975.
  • Dhananjay Singh’s father Rajdev Singh is also a former politician.
  • Dhananjay Singh has married thrice.
  • Dhananjay Singh’s first wife Meenu died 10 months after their marriage.
  • Dhananjay Singh then went on to marry Dr. Jagriti Singh but they separated 2 years later.
  • Dhananjay Singh is currently married to Srikal Reddy.
  • Details about Dhananjay Singh’s children are unknown.

No 7. D.P. Yadav

D.P. Yadav or Dharam Pal Yadav is another gangster who later turned to politics. D.P. Yadav was the Member of the Legislature Assembly four times. D.P. Yadav was a common milkman who started selling bootlegged liquor to earn extra cash. Until the 1970s, D.P. Yadav3 has 9 murder charges against him.

It is alleged that in the early 1990s, D.P. Yadav’s bootlegged liquor killed almost 350 people. D.P. Yadav entered these politics to escape these charges and made many powerful friends. D.P. Yadav went on to form his party in the year 2007.


  • D.P Yadav was born in the village of Sarfabad, Noida, UP to the farmer Tejpal Yadav.
  • D.P. Yadav is married to Umesh Yadav and has two daughters.
  • D.P. Yadav is serving life imprisonment for murder charges.

No 8. Harishankar Tiwari

Harishankar Tiwari is one of the oldest names in the UP don list 2021. Harishankar Tiwari rose to fame after he won the election in 1965 while being jailed. It is said that Harishankar Tiwari has changed the western UP completely. Harishankar Tiwari has been an MLA for 22 years. Harishankar Tiwari’s political dominance and power are unmatched. The charges against Harishankar Tiwari are yet to be proven.


  • Hari Shankar Tiwari has two sons Bhishma and Vinay Shankar Tiwari who are politicians.
  • Harishankar Tiwari’s daughter, Kamini is a film producer.
  • More details about Harishankar Tiwari are unavailable.

No 9. Atiq Ahmed 

Atiq Ahmed is another gangster turned politician from the state of Uttar Pradesh. Atiq Ahmed has won the MLA elections 5 times to date. Atiq Ahmed entered the criminal world after murdering a person in the year 1979 when he was just seventeen years old.

Since then Atiq Ahmed was associated with several murders and extortions around the state of UP. There are several charges against Atiq Ahmed across the state.


  • Atiq Ahmed was born on 10th August 1962 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Atiq Ahmed’s father was Hazi Firoz Ahmed.
  • Atiq Ahmed was married to Shaista Parveen in 1996 and has 5 sons Umar, Ali, Asad, Ahzam, and Abaan.

No 10. Raja Bhaiya

Raghuraj Pratap Singh is the complete name of the gangster turned politician Raja Bhaiya. Extortion and murder is a common practice for Raja Bhaiya. Raja Bhaiya is also a very powerful politician and has won the MLA elections from Kunda, UP. Raja Bhaiya hails from the royal family of Badri’s in Oudh.


  • Raja Bhaiya was born in Kolkata, West Bengal on 31st October 1969.
  • Raja Bhaiya’s father is the famous Raja Uday Pratap Singh.
  • Raja Bhaiya, in the list of top 10 don in UP, is married to Bhanvi Kumari and has 5 children details of whom are unknown.


  • Who is the biggest gangster in Uttar Pradesh?

Although UP has seen many dangerous gangsters, Brijesh Singh is known as the most dangerous gangster.

  • Who is the best don of UP?

The best don in UP is Sunil Rathee.

  • Who is the Number 1 Don in the world?

Amit Bhura is the number 1 Don in the world.

  • Which is the dangerous district in UP?

Lucknow city is the most dangerous district in UP.

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