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Top 10 Cyber Security Companies In India

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies In India: Marlabs Inc is the number 1 cyber security company in India that was developed in 1996 by Siby Vadakekkara, Srinivasan Balram. We are living in the 21st century, where technology is always running a step ahead of us. Things like phones, cars, home apparatuses, etc. befall to communicate with each other in the ubiquity of the internet. The internet availability has created life more comfortable for all of us, but, as is double-faced, so is any given technology and circumstances that one is provided with. There is a lot of online material that hackers are always keeping a watch on.

Top 10 Cyber Security Companies In India

The crime and infiltration strived by the hackers is not a very hidden problem to discuss. In such a case, it becomes significant for somebody to be there to keep a check on all the hacking exercises happening and to also recognize and track the hackers. India has some well-established companies that look into the very same problems. Below mentioned is the list of the top 10 cyber security companies in India.

No 1. Marlabs Inc

Marlabs Inc was developed back in the year in 1996. The firm is headquartered in Bangalore. The firm holds notable expertise of years in huge data negotiating, SI and CRM consulting. The firm gives its most high-grade services in terms of health consideration industries, education, and a lot more. The company’s experienced and extensive role in delighting its customers is what delivers it climbs up to the top in the list. Some of its recent clients are New York Times and Energy Hub among many more. The working staff of the company is highly efficient. Siby Vadakekkar is the founder of the company.

No 2. Ishir

Along with having an office in Delhi, the company has its hub in Texas. The company was established in the year 1999 but has continued to attain a very markable place in the industry of cybersecurity. Though it does not have many team workers, its team of 232 operators does all the work appropriately. A small team stands behind its huge accomplishment. Boston University and Honda are some of its clients among many others.

It is an outcome-focused and result-conscious company that extends a complete portfolio of custom software advancement, digital alteration assistance, cloud optimization, and automation solutions.

No 3. Kratikal Tech Pvt Ltd.

The company was founded in the year 2013, Kratikal Pvt Ltd is a firm having its headquarters in Noida, India. The company has laboured to about 120 employees over the years. Though it too does not have a remarkably big helping team, its working crew of 100 people has demonstrated that the effectiveness of the working group concerns, not the size.

The services rendered by the company include fraud monitoring, email authentication, cyber-crime wellness, and simulation among others. The company also connected with a surveying firm to in-house information about cybersecurity threats. RBL Bank and Unisys Global are their clients.

No 4. Sattrix

Sattrix company was founded in the year 2013, having its headquarters office in Ahmedabad, India, Sattrix is an IT company with over 50 skilled employees. The firm is known to operate with small firms and perform the best for them. Hosting and security supervision are the services that the company renders the best and is famous for. It is a service-oriented but private company founded by Sachhin Gajjaer.

Sattrix Information Security is a professionally operated & value-based, quality-oriented company. They turned around giving their customers and partners the most competent of Cybersecurity assistance. They have colluded and worked with a diverse reach of enterprises such as BFSI, Retail, TELCO, Government, Oil and Gas, and ITIS worldwide.

No 5. IARM Information Security

This IT company was founded in the year 2015 and is headquartered in Chennai, India, IARM Information Security is a cybersecurity firm. The company renders its services to small and large companies that are alike. It makes sure to give the most high-grade services to its customers so that their level of satisfaction is maximized. IARM is an Information Security organization is also there in the USA.

It offers variation and gives intelligent resolutions and services to clients in cybersecurity. IARM, India’s famous cybersecurity company, concentrates on Information protection services & solutions for businesses across all verticals. It is one of the most promising companies.

No 6. Cymune Cyber Security

This company was founded in the year 2020 with over 50 skilled people, the company is an example of how one can achieve success within a very short duration of time with the right hard work and efforts. It renders services in, IT consulting, IT policy consulting resolutions, and cyber-security.

The main collaboration of the company remains with the emigration firms in the connection of rendering it with the best cybersecurity remedies. Y-Axis is one of the main clients of Cymune Cyber Solutions. The company was founded by Mr Uttam Majumdar.

No 7. Convosync Solutions

The company was founded in the year 2019, the company has its headquarters in Kochi, India. The company offers a variety of aids to its customers like cybersecurity, cloud-consulting resolutions, and IT administration services among many others. The company was founded by Raqueeb Ek, who is also a human resource specialist. It is a private company.

No 8. Everdata Technologies

Everdata Technologies is a web treating company that has its headquarters in Jaipur, India. The company was founded back in 2007. The backbone of the team is 39 people who specialize in their scopes of operation. The company is known for its cybersecurity assistance, ERP consulting, cloud consulting & SI. To be more particular it renders services to mid-market customers.

The personalized way towards the presentation of the team is what makes it reasonable for the clients to believe them with their work. Indira Gandhi National Open University, University of Rajasthan, and Guinness World Records are some of its main clients.

No 9. Cyber Security Hive

Cyber Security Hive was founded in the year 2018. The Cybersecurity Hive has its headquarters in Bangalore, India. Their efficient crew of over 50 people makes it possible to be one of the most entrusted companies in the nation. the company offers a variety of services like breach Identification, threat simulations, attack simulations, and also digital forensics. The company was founded by Akram Khan.

No 10. CiELO Technologies

Managing from out of Mumbai, India, CiELO Technologies was established back in the year 2015. The company is one of the examples of how a firm can achieve success with a small team of hardworking and honestly working team members. The company renders service cloud consulting and cybersecurity services to its customers in various working ways.


Which is the best cybersecurity company in India?

Marlabs Inc. is the best cyber security company in India.

Which are the Indian companies working on cybersecurity solutions?

CiELO Technology and Cyber Security Hive are the Indian companies working on cybersecurity solutions.

Does Cyber Security pay well in India?

Yes, cybersecurity pays well in India.

Which is the best cybersecurity company in India?

Everdata Technologies is the best cybersecurity company in India.

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