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Richest Muslim In India | India’s Top 10 Richest Muslims

Richest Muslim In India: Azim Premji is the number 1 richest Muslim in India who has a net worth of $13 Million and is the CEO of Wipro. In India, Muslims account for more than 13% of the population, however, their development is not proportional to their population in any field. Despite coming from diverse origins and cultures, all entrepreneurs possess the willingness to take risks. Irrespective of their religion, these Indian Muslims have always pushed the boundaries and have become a great idol to many. No wonder why they are respected and accepted by heart.

Richest Muslim In India

India is not the country that calls out for religion instead it is a nation of Unity In Diversity. There is a huge Muslim population in our country that also includes the rich and poor ones. Here we are talking about the top 10 richest Muslim in India.

No 1. Azim Premji

Azim Premji, a renowned Indian Muslim who is among the wealthiest people, is the CEO of Wipro, India’s largest IT outsourcing firm, with a net worth of $13 billion, up from $16.8 billion last year. He made headlines last December when he donated $2 billion to his trust to fund his education foundation, the largest single donation by an Indian to date.

Azim Premji has a habit of gifting 39 percent of his company’s shares to his family’s trust. As a result, he devotes a significant portion of his earnings to charity causes. On July 24, 1945, Azim Premji was born in Mumbai to a Nizari Ismaili Shia household. When Jinnah urged Azim Premji’s father, Late Mohammad Hashim Premji, to relocate to Pakistan after India’s division, he refused and preferred to remain in India.

No 2. Yusuf Hamied

For the past 75 years, Yusuf Hamied and his family have been a well-known medicine manufacturer in India under the Cipla name. In addition, his net worth dropped from $1.95 billion in 2010 to $1.1 billion in March 2011. However, they developed the firm to the point where it is now worth $1.75 billion. In 1960, Dr. Hamied started working for his father’s company as an Officer-in-Charge of Research and Development.

He had to seek permission from the government to work in his father’s company after the British Raj ended, thus his first income was regulated at 1500 rupees per month for three years, and he received his first salary after completing one full year. He took care of the company after his father.

No 3. Shahrukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, among the Top 10 Richest Muslim In India, was born on November 2, 1965, in New Delhi, India, to a Muslim family. Shah Rukh Khan has stated that religion is not discussed at his home and that his children fill out documents with the word “Indian” instead of their religion. The Net Worth of Shahrukh Khan is $750 Million.

SRK has stated numerous times that religion is not imposed in his home and that all festivals are celebrated. SRK has always portrayed himself as “unique.” He understands the importance of including Muslim people in his films.

He has prospered and been loved in India because he is the very embodiment of a Bollywood Muslim who is non-threatening to the political system and whose Muslimness is limited to cultural characteristics.

No 4. Irfan Razack

Prestige Estates Group’s managing director is Irfan Razack. Last year, he and his younger siblings, Rezwan and Noaman, who share his income and work alongside him, went public with the company and raised $240 million. So far, it has constructed over 45 million square feet of commercial, retail, and residential properties, with 61 ongoing projects in South India totaling 62 million square feet.

The Prestige Group is headed by Irfan Razack, who has a net worth of $715 Million and is among India’s wealthiest people, is a natural leader who has the foresight to identify opportunities where none appear to exist, the confidence to follow the untrodden path, and the perseverance to see his vision through.

No 5. Habil Khorakiwala

Habil Khorakiwala runs a family-owned pharmaceutical company under the Wockhardt brand, with revenue primarily coming from the United States and Europe. They are now working to build hospital facilities in India’s major cities. Habil Khorakiwala has a net worth of $710 million. Fakhruddin was the former President of the Akbarallys outlet shop business.

He previously served as the Sheriff of Bombay (Present Mumbai). Habil Khorakiwala leads a team of 7000 employees based in India, Germany, Ireland, France, the United States, and other countries.

No 6. M A Yusuff Ali (Lulu Group)

Though his business is global, Lulu, Hyper Market is well-known in the Middle East. Yusuf f Ali M A is the 27th richest Indian in 2017, with a fortune of $ 5 billion. He was ranked 388th in the world and one of India’s Three Riches Muslims. Yusuff Ali was born on November 15, 1955, in the village of Nattika in Kerala’s Thrissur district, where he completed his education before moving to Gujarat to pursue his diploma in Business Management and Administration. The Net Worth of M A Yusuff Ali is 470 crore USD.

No 7. Ayaz Basrai- $12 Million

An idea’s fantasy is frequently more appealing than its actuality. For Ayaz Basrai, not so much. Ayaz graduated in Industrial Design with a focus on product design from the National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad).

He moved on and founded The Busride, an independent design studio, after working in studios like Ideaspice Design Studio (Dubai), Lokus Design, and XHeight Design Studio. Ayaz is also the owner of The Gypsy Kitchen, in addition to Busride. Bandra is his passion, and he conducts Bandra Walks. The net worth of Ayaz Basrai is $12 Million.

No 8. Faisal Farooqui

Faisal Farooqui is also the co-founder of Zarca Interactive, a survey software company. He has won a number of accolades and titles, including the Manthan Award from the Indian government for Best Youth Website (2006), the Indian Digital Media Awards for Best Web Portal of the Year-Gold (2011), and others.

He speaks at major universities including the American University in Dubai, IIM Ahmedabad, and IIT Mumbai when he is not busy accepting prizes. In 2003, he released an article titled “Application of Market Research Towards Proactive Customer Relationship Management.” The Net Worth of Faisal Farooqui is $3 Million.

No 9. Gulrez Alam (Richest Muslim In India)

Resultrix was started in 2008 by Gulrez, an MBA from IILM New Delhi. It is a major search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate marketing, and social media marketing service, provider. Google AdWords and Google Analytics are certified partners with them.

Resultrix is also a Microsoft excellence Partner. Publicis Group bought it just six years after it was founded. Try the Sunday Farmer’s Market in Bandra if you want to catch him and make it look like an accident while he’s in Mumbai.

Gulrez has approximately two decades of expertise in the United States, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East, as well as being a successful entrepreneur who started Resultrix, a prominent digital marketing firm, in 2008, which was later bought by Publicis Groupe. He is among the richest Muslims in India with millions of Net Worth.

No 10. Farhan Azmi (Richest Muslim In India)

Farhan Azmi is the birth name of this richest entrepreneur, restaurateur, and politician. Farha is the nickname. Mumbai is the name of his hometown in India. He is an adherent of Islam. He earned a postgraduate diploma.

Infinity Hotels Pvt. Ltd., the parent company of Koyla, Café Basilico, Basilico House, and ChaiCoffi, grew out of what began as a hangout spot for friends. Each one is distinct in terms of concept and target audience. All of them have proven to be destinations where people desire to be seen. Throughout, Farhan has painstakingly carved out a niche for himself, bearing in mind what he refers to as Mumbaikars who are “space-starved.” Farhan Azmi has a net worth of Rs 66 crore.

FAQs (Richest Muslim In India)

Who is the richest Muslim?

Farhan Azmi is the richest Muslim in India.

Who is the richest Muslim man in India?

Gulrez Alam is the richest Muslim Man In India.

Who is the no 1 richest Muslim in India?

Azim Premji is the number 1 richest Muslim in India.

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