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Best Snooker Player In The World | World’s Best Snooker Players

Best Snooker Player In The World: Snooker is a game that is played by using a table, balls, and a stick. There are many best snooker players across the world. In this game, players have to hit the ball with the stick, that it should go into the hole on the table.

Best Snooker Player In The World

Snooker is one of the popular games in India. It is not much popular as Football and Cricket but is known across the world. Here is the list of the Best Snooker player in the World. You can also check out their achievements and net worth in this article.

No 1. Judd Trump (Best Snooker Player In The World)

Judd Trump ranks at the first position in the list of Best Snooker Player in the World. At the age of 14, he reached the World Under-21 Championship semi-finals and became the youngest player to make a competitive 147. He started his professional journey with the 2005-06 season at the Welsh Open. In the 2007 world championship, he defeated James Wattana by 10–5 in the final round of qualifying. In the 2011 China Open, he defeated Peter Ebdon and Shaun Murphy. In the staring of 2013, he was ranked third in the world rankings. In 2016 European Master, he defeated John Higgins and Mark Selby. But lose to Ronnie by 6-8. In the 2019-20 season, he set a new record by winning six ranking titles in a single season. In January 2021, he was tested positive for Covid-19 and was forced to withdraw from the 2021 Maters. He was voted the World Snooker Tour’s Player from 2019 to 2021. He is the second player to achieve 100-century breaks in a single season.

  • Date Of Birth – 20th August 1989
  • Birthplace – Bristol, England
  • Status – Single
  • Net Worth –  $115 Million.

No 2. Mark Selby

Mark Selby is a very known English snooker player. In 1988, he won the England under-15 championship. He started his professional journey at the age of 16 in 1999. In 2003, he reached his first ranking final at the Scottish Open and finished runner-up to David Gray. In the 2005 World Championship, he loses to John Higgins in the first round. In 2008, he won his first ‘The Masters’ at Wembley Arena in London. In 2008, he also won his first world ranking title at the Welsh Open against Roonie. In the 2015 International Championship, he reached the semi-finals but lost to John Higgins.  He has collected more than 600-century breaks in professional competition, with three maximum breaks.

  • Date Of Birth – 19th June 1983
  • Birthplace – Leicester, England
  • Status – Single
  • Net Worth –  $12 Million.

No 3. Ronnie O’Sullivan

Ronnie O’Sullivan is an amazing snooker player. He started playing snooker at the age of 7. And at the age of 9, he won his first club tournament. At the age of 10, he made his first competitive century break. He also won the 1993 UK Championship. He has won 1995 Master and became the youngest Masters champion in history. In1997 World Championship, he achieved his first maximum break. In 2001, he won his first world final after defeating John Higgins. In the 2019 Player Championship final,  he became the first and only player to reach the milestone of 1,000 career century breaks. His playing style is fast and attacking. In 2014, he became the global ambassador for snooker by Eurosport. He has also written three crime novels in collaboration with author Emlyn Rees. He has won 6 World Championship, 7 Masters Championship, 7 UK Championship, and also a record 20 Triple Crown titles.

  • Date Of Birth – 5th December 1975
  • Birthplace – Wordsley, UK
  • Status – Sally Magnus and Jo Langley (Girlfriend)
  • Net Worth – $15 Million

No 4. Neil Robertson

Neil Robertson is a very popular Australian professional snooker player. He started his snooker career at the age of 14 and became the youngest player to make a century break in an Australian ranking event. He started his professional career with the 1999 World Championship in which reached the third qualifying round. In 2003, he won the World Under-21 Snooker Championship in New Zealand. In the 2005 World Championship, he loses to Stephen Hendry by 7-10 in the first round. In 2013-14, he became the first player to make 100 centuries in a single season. He has won the 2018 Riga Masters after defeating Stuart Carrington and Jack Lisowski. He has won the 2021 Tour Championship and secured his 20th ranking event. He is the most successful professional snooker player, who is not from the United Kingdom.

  • Date Of Birth – 11th February 1982
  • Birthplace – Melbourne, Australia
  • Status – Single
  • Net Worth – $10 Million

No 5. Shaun Murphy (Best Snooker Player In The World)

Shaun Murphy is a very known snooker player. He became a professional snooker player at the age of 15. He began his career in 1988 with the UK Tour. He won his first professional tournament at the 2000 Benson & Hedges Championship after defeating Marks Davis and Stuart Bingham. In the 2007-08 season, he was ranked third it was his highest-ever ranking. In the 2009 Premium League, he won against Roonie with 7-3. In the 2011-12 season, he was ranked seven. In 2014, he won the Bulgarian Open against Martin Gould with 4-2. In 2021, he reached the quarter-final at the Masters but was defeated by Stuart Bingham. He has collected more than 500-century breaks in his career. He is popular for his straight cue action and long Potting.

  • Date Of Birth – 10th August 1982
  • Birthplace – Nottingham, England
  • Status – Married to Clare Murphy
  • Net Worth – $ 1.1 Million

No 6. Kyren Wilson

Kyren Wilson is one of the most popular snooker players in the world. He became a professional player in 2010 after finishing fifth in the 2009-10 International Open Series. In the UK Championship, he defeated Paul Davidson and Ian McCulloch but loses to Rory McLeod. He won his first ranking title at the 2015 Shanghai Masters and was ranked 55th in the world. In 2018, he was ranked second at the Paul Hunter Classic after defeating Peter Ebdon. In 2019, he won the German Masters by defeating David Gilbert by 9-7 in the final. In the 2020 Championship League, he topped all three group stages to reach his 10th ranking final. He has made over 200-century breaks in his career.

  • Date Of Birth – 23 December 1991
  • Birthplace – Kettering, England.
  • Status – Married to Sophie Lauren
  • Net Worth – $1-4 Million

No 7. John Higgins (Best Snooker Player In The World)

John Higgins is a very popular Scottish professional snooker player. He became a professional player in 1992 and reached the quarter-finals of the British Open. In 1994, he won his first ranking tournament at the Grand Prix by defeating Dave Harold. In 1988, he won his first World Championship by defeating Jason, Anthony, John, and Roonie. In 2001, he won the Champions Cup, Scottish Masters, and the British Open. In 2010, he was banned for six months from professional snooker for breaking the sports betting rules. He came back to a professional competition with Ruhr Championship. In the 2011 World Championship, he marked his win after defeating Stephen Lee, Rory McLeod, Ronnie, Mark Williams, and Judd Trump. In the 2021 Master, he reached his final after defeating Mark Allen, Roonie, and David Gilbert but loses to Yan Bingtao. He has collected over 800-century breaks.

  • Date Of Birth – 18 May 1975
  • Birthplace – North Lanarkshire, Scotland
  • Status – Married to Denise Higgins
  • Net Worth – $ 11.2 Million

No 8. Ding Junhui

Ding Junhui is a very popular Chinese professional snooker player. In 2002, he won the Asian Under-21 Championship. In 2004, he was awarded a wildcard entry to the Masters in London. In 2007, he defeated Cao Xinlong and Xiao Guodong to became the national champion. In 2009, he won the Jiangsu Classic by defeating Ryan Day and Mark Selby. In the 2011 Wuxi Classic, he loses to Mark Selby by 5-6, it was the first time when he didn’t reach the tournament’s final. In 2016, he became the first Asian player to reach the final of the World Championship. In the 2019 UK Championship, we won his third UK title by defeating Roonie, Liang Wenbo, Yan Bingtao, and Stephen Maguire. He has collected more than 500 competitive century breaks and six 147 maximum breaks in professional competition.

  • Date Of Birth – 1 April 1987
  • Birthplace – Jiangsu, China
  • Status – Single
  • Net worth – $1,458,456

No 9. Stephen Maguire

Stephen Maguire is a very amazing Scottish professional snooker player. He became a professional snooker player in 1988. In the 1999 UK Championship, he was defeated by Mark King by 9-2. In the 2000 World Snooker Championship, he defeated Wayne Brown, Nick Walker, Bradley Jones but loses to Joe Swail by 9-10. In 2009, he won the first event of the Pro Challenge Series. In the 2013 Welsh Open, he won his first-ranking event title in five years. In 2019, he won the Six-red World Championship by defeating John Higgins by 8-6. Beacuse of his neck condition, he is allowed to play with his collar open and not wear a bow tie in competition. He has collected more than 400-century breaks with three maximum breaks.

  • Date Of Birth – 13 March 1981
  • Birthplace – Glasgow, Scotland
  • Status – Married to  Sharon
  • Net Worth – $1.5 Million

No 10. Yan Bintao

Yan Bintao is a Chinese professional snooker player. He started his professional career in 2013 by Asian Players Tour Championship. In 2014, he won the Amateur World Snooker Championship by defeating Muhammad Sajjad by 8-7. In 2016, he reach the fourth round of the Paul Hunter Classic but loses to Dominic Dale. In 2017 German Master, he defeated Sam Baird, Shaun Murphy, Dale, Michael Holt but loses to Stuart Bingham. In the 2020 World Snooker Championship, he reached the final stage but loses to Judd Trump in the second round. He won his first Triple Crown event at the Masters 2021.

  • Date Of Birth – 16 February 2000
  • Birthplace – Shandong, China
  • Status – Single
  • Net Worth – $ 1-5 Million

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who is the No 1 snooker player in the world?

Judd Trump is the No 1 snooker player in the world.

Who are the top 10 snooker players in the world?

In the above article, you can check out the top 10 snooker players in the world.

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